Dead Sea Salt Scrubs!

EXFOLIATING the skin is an important part of maintaining a healthy youthful looking appearance. If your skin is in need of a little restoration and cleansing, then our body exfoliation is exactly what you need. Our treatment is a full body scrub using Dead Sea salt mixed with a blend of plant, fruit and nut oils, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Depending on your skin type it is nice to have a body scrub once a week or once a fortnight. A gentle salt scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and a warm shower afterwards will cleanse off the remaining salt and make your skin feel like new.

Don't forget.....exfoliate before a spray tan and weekly to make your skin feel youthful and refreshed.

80 Minerals That Support Healthy Skin

Each one of us wishes for a natural, healthy and beautiful looking skin. Well now you can with an exhilarating Dead Sea salt scrub.

Did you know that the salt from the Dead Sea contains 80 minerals beneficial to the skin and that the mineral content is 10 times greater than ordinary sea salt. These important minerals help to improve the natural look of the skin as well as help maintain good skin hydration at all times.

* Salt Scrub only £15 *

Benefits of Having Salt Scrubs

  • Exfoliates and cleans the skin
  • Removes dull and dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin
  • Cleans the poors to allow the skin to breath
  • Stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins
  • Helps skin regeneration keeping your skin looking younger
  • Strengthens and firms skin tissues
  • Helps eradicate aches and pains by relaxing the body
  • Helps to reduce muscle tension, stress and anxiety
  • Helps with skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Helps to reduce inflammation of dry skin