The Preparation Page!

The colour of our tanning is very natural and will not prevent you from getting on with your day. The colour should last 5 to 8 days depending on skin types and preparation.

Try to exfoliate your skin before having a tan for even tanning results. Spend a little extra time on knees, elbows, feet and hands. Exfoliate at least once a week to maintain, smooth healthy looking skin.

Shave at least 6 hours before your tanning session and try to do any necessary waxing 24 hours prior to having your spray tan.

Do not apply make-up or moisturiser prior to your tanning session. Lotions can create a barrier, preventing the absorption of spray tanning solution.

Try to leave the tan on for 8 hours before you shower. Its good to have a morning spray if the tan is required for an evening out. This will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur in the skin. Ideally leave overnight. Do not moisturise until after your first shower as this could affect the immediate reaction of the tanning solution on the skin and cause streaking. Do not swim after your tanning session as immediate contact with water, chlorine and salt water could affect the colour. Also, keep in mind that chlorine and salt water may dry your skin and cause your sunless tan to fade faster. Also wait at least 6 hours before you exercise as excessive perspiration could effect the immediate reaction of the tanning solution on the skin. Do NOT exfoliate for at least 48 hours after your spray tan. When you do exfoliate, remember to do so gently and evenly to preserve an even tan.