The Fee Section!

An affordable way to have treatments in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to fully relax without having to think about driving home after the massage or tanning session.

You will only pay for the times of the treatments and not travelling or set-up times. If you live outside the Northampton area a milage charge may apply. Please see below. Large groups or parties will be discounted so please ask for details. We specialize in evening and weekends 7 days a week.

Full Body Massage including hands and feet (not face or hair)- approx 60 minutes£20.00
Sensual Massage- approx 60 minutes£20.00
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage - approx 30 minutes£15.00
Indian Head Massage including face and hair - approx 30 minutes£15.00
Ear Candles - including candles£20.00
Spray Tan - including solution£18.00
Spray Tan - 2 spray tans together£28.00
Spray Tan Party of 4 or more together each£12.00
Spray Tan - 10 session course£150.00
Full Body Salt Scrub - including salts and oils£15.00
Set up time£00.00
Initial consultation time£00.00