Mission Statement!

We act with Integrity and show Respect
* Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics.
* Show respect to all individuals for their diverse backgrounds.
* Speak positively and supportively about colleagues and clients.
* Listen to others with understanding.

We are all Accountable
* Accept personal accountability for our own actions.
* Focus on solutions and results.
* Support decisions made by colleagues.
* Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them.
* Keep promises and commitments made to others.

We are Passionate
* Show pride in our business.
* Promote a positive and optimistic environment.
* Delight our customers through the quality of our service.
* Promote innovative ideas and solutions.
* Promote and protect our reputation.
* Admit mistakes and learn from them.
* Personally commit to continous improvement.

Vision for the Future
* Work hard and achive results.
* Empower, coach and support everyone.
* Work as a team to accomplish results.
* Make people feel valued.