Indian Head Massage!

TIRED, stressed, can't concentrate, not sleeping properly, job getting the better of you, not happy with your overall performance in work and at home? Does any of this sound familiar?

Then why not have an Indian Head Massage. This is a personal, hands-on treatment that can be received fully clothed sitting in an upright position anywhere from home to the office.

Indian head massage was originally restricted to the head and hair but the modern form has been extended to include the upper back, neck, shoulders and upper arms. This treatment is a wonderful way to relax. The stress relieving effects are not only physical but work on the emotional level too by promoting relaxation and calming the spirit. Indian head massage is guaranteed to lift you out of the stresses of daily life and provide you with a real cure for those aching and tense back, neck and shoulder muscles. In my treatment I open the Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakras to allow the body's energy to flow. Working up the back, around the shoulders neck and arms provides quick relief to tense muscles. The hair and scalp also responds to the invigorating friction and rubbing movements of the hands bringing further easing of built up stress. To complete the enjoyment a gentle face massage finishes the session and closing the chakras ensures harmony is restored.

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*Indian Head Massage only £15.00*